Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun iLL Fortune Cookies for Bachelorettes

Sharing with you the coolest new goody to be enjoyed by bachelorette parties and everyone, iLL Fortune Cookies.  This is not your typical folded cookie with a bland saying inside that leaves you with a “that’s nice” kind of feeling.  Oh no.  These cookies have hilarious and outrageous messages that will shock, ignite laughter, and get you and your friends talking for days.


ILL Fortune Cookies make great bachelorette party gifts, to be given to each guest in the limo on the way out to the clubs or at the end of the night as their thank you goody.  I also recommend our new BNO iLL Fortune Cookie game which is making a huge impact on the party scene.  Party girls love getting a reaction and iLL Fortune Cookies are the perfect recipe. 

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